I have spoken to three different representatives. I have been told repeatedly there is nothing they can do. I'm not going to call again. I am going to let my deposit clear and close my account ASAP.  The only phone call or email I expect to be made is the one notifying me that the hold has been released.



I don't know who you are but I'm about to follow you down the same path and the holding process of checks.  If I would have know about this, I would have not desposit the check, now that an emergency has came up, the reps told me there is nothing I can do about this and it sad because my emergency is family related and it hurts because there is no one to help me out now, stuck in a place I shouldn't be and I have to wait 6 days before these funds are availible. 


I will be closing my account as well when this is cleared up, I thank them for the no fee charging but when to need access to your own funds, there should be an extended hold on checks, at least place some in the account then the rest on hold.


First and last month of using USAA bank and that hurts this Vet...

Hi Timo,

I have replied to your other post here. Your comments have been sent to our banking department for review. Thank you again for posting.

USAA is holding my financial aid check it has been almost a week now.  They will say the same thing too, "We are so sorry, please contact us"...yeah OK!

Oh, I forgot @Michelle2, you should tweet this.  I tweeted it #USAASUCKS! 

Hi Den17,

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Oh don't think for one minute you go under my skin. I consider this a debate. Nothing more.

If the merchant hasnt finished processing the transaction after about 7 days the pending transaction will fall off your account. That doesnt mean you dont have to pay the funds. The merchant actually has about 60 days in which they can send your bank the request for payment. Because transactions do not always get paid out in the order you made them, you will see the posted transactions that were paid out each day in order form least amount to most amount, and the pending transactions will show above. This also explaines the total balance vs. available balance. If you have a deposit on hold, the money is not available and so it will not be used to cover transactions. This is the same process at all banks.


USAA does their over night processing in in this order:

1. deposits- smallest to largest

2. debit card transactions- smallest to largest amount

3. checks, ach, funds transfers- smalles to largest

4. NSF/OD fees

5. atm rebates



Michelle, you are really confused. First of all, your account is new. Secondly, you are obviously not credit qualified with USAA. Were you credit qualified, your checks would, up to a certain specified limit, be made available immediately.

If you had paid attention in primary school, and actually learned how to read, you'd be wasting your time with soap operas instead of trying to argue rocket science here.
Well Fullbird I have a suggestion for you. Why don't you just fly away and take your remarks with you. Apparently there are no idiot filters here or you would have never gotten in. Have a great 4th!!