I have recently made a deposit through the mobile app. USAA apparently placed a hold on some of the funds. This has never happened to me before,  and I have never had any issues with depositing checks throught the mobile app. It's really screwing me over because I had an insurance payment that must be paid or I lose coverage. That in turn means I am respnsible for $1000's of hospital bills because I just had a baby. I can't make that payment becasue USAA has taken hostage of my money. Not everyone has the priveleage of having tons of money in their account to cover things like this, and I was relying on those deposits to pay bills. When I called USAA they said "it's their policy" that they can hold funds if they choose, and they cannot lift the hold. I was balling on the phone begging to speak to someone who can help and the girl had the nerve to say "well this is why you need a backup plan" Again, some of us don't have that luxury and need our funds to be available. As soon as this gets all cleared up I will 100% be banking elsewhere. 


Technically the funds are not in your account until the money is received by the issuing bank.  This can take up to two weeks.  Based on your credit history, length of membership, and previous account management history banks can and do front the funds.  In either case, federal law determines when bank has to make the funds available.


When depositing a check into a bank other than the one it is issued from, always expect it to be held.

Yeah I get it. But It's called taking care of loyal customers and not treating them badly on the phone.

Dear Frusterated,

You are absolutely right we should never be rude on the phone and I am so sorry that was your experience. We truly do value your membership and would like the opportunity to make things right. We would appreciate it if you could message us here with the best way to contact you and with some of the details you provided here, so that we can get the right person from the bank to review your situation. Thank you.

This is why we never count on USAA for depositing checks because they do stuff like this with no warning. We have local brick and mortar banks with a human being you can physically hand your check to for that stuff.

Btw the statement 'it takes up to 2 weeks' is a lie...that check likely
cleared the issuing bank the next day if not that night...so in the mean time USAA gets to artificially inflate their bottom line while you the consumer don't have access to your funds and can't pay your bills. Nice eh?
They are going down the road that many other banks did before they got hit with class action lawsuits.