Denied SCRA and Holds on Deposits

After being with USAA for almost 2 decades, they have decided to put holds on my deposit after I was scammed and I called to explain to them what had happened and offered a police report and paying the amount of the check immediately. So instead USAA decided to put all my deposits on hold and go past the amount of days they stated would be released. After tolerating this for too long, called them only to hear that its systematic and they can't do anything to change it. I insisted and they did not deny it that someone had to physically put that request in to put my deposits on hold so why not reverse it. They insist no one can reverse it!! After USAA refused to honor the SCRA and return any interest or fees and refund the amounts, I've had enough. So many other creditors did honor the SCRA and are now refunding me. USAA calls themselves a military bank but they will not honor SCRA and then put hold on checks, when that type of incident occurred once in almost 2 decades of being a member. Very unhappy with USAA, but I'm ready to break away with them and find a bank that will honor our military background.
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Don't hold your breath on USAA honoring the SCRA.  They had approximately 600 SCRA violations and had to pay the OCC about $85 million as a fine.  

@ChiefsWife74, thank you for your loyalty over the past two decades. I understand that you have concerns about deposit holds and SCRA benefits. We're grateful for all that your family has done for our country, and we'd hate to lose your business. Therefore, I am elevating your concerns. Please allow us some time to conduct a thorough review of each concern. ~DC