I applied for a credit card with USAA and was denied.  The reasons given, and parameters used, need to reviewed.
My credit score is from high 700 to mid 800.   There is NO record of a late payment of any kind.  I FULLY pay all revolving credit cards monthly.  There is not one blemish on my credit history.  I have over $1million dollars in liquid assets and a net worth over $8million. Our home is fully paid for, valued at $3m.   As a woman, I am also concerned that I may be discriminated against.

Has anyone else been denied unfairly?  Would love to hear from you.


@Kim Reese, Thank you for reaching out! We do not want you to feel like we have treated you unfairly. We take these allegations very seriously and I am forwarding this to a subject matter expert for review. ~Tom

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I too, like others posting at this heading, am shocked that my wife was denied a USAA credit card some time ago. I wanted her to have her own card bacause we are now approaching senior status & she needs her own independent credit source in case something happens to me. Our FICO score has hovered somewhere between 830 to 850 for years now and no explanation was given as to why she was denied a credit card by USAA. I have been a loyal USAA member for over 55 years now with all our homes & cars insured through USAA and a USAA credit card as our primary credit card. We have over $2 M in liquid assets & over $8 M in net financial assets. USAA needs to review and rethink their credit card application approval process. I would very much like to hear back from someone in a position of responsibility at USAA as to why the shabby, unjustified treatment and no explanation by USAA to a household with so many years of loyalty to USAA and a spotless, unblemished record of financial responsibility and significant assets. I await your reply.  

I'm learning loyalty doesn't matter anymore to this USAA administration..I've been trying to get a credit card issue resolved for over 6 years now...they still can't be responsible and responsive to their members...:

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I just can't believe you been turn down for a credit card with that high of a score and all that money.you must of have some bad experience with usaa in the past.

My experiences and interactions with USAA has been perfect over the years.  I’ve never had any issues.  


As to discrimination, very doubtful.  USAA has been serving the military and dependent populations for generations, which includes a significant number of women.  If they had been discriminatory, we would have heard about it long ago.  


Per your sharing of excellent credit scores, multi-million dollar wealth, paid home ownership and zero late bill payments, you have to be in the top 5% of wealth in this country.  If all of it is true, and you are not greatly embellishing the value of your assets, how is it you were turned down?  


In your post, you failed to mention “the reasons given” for the denial.  Perhaps there is more to the story you did not share?  

@DutchMC  - Speaking from my own personal experience with USAA, it is highly possible that USAA did deny someone with those credentials.  Perhaps the spouse didn't work or hasn't worked in quite awhile, perhaps USAA doesn't like that they have paid off their house - USAA was once the GOLD standard for customer service and looking out for its members.  Now it is basically no different than any other institution.  Sometimes USAA cannot look up from their computer programs and actually think logically about the data right in front of them.     It's the reason we moved almost all of our money over to Fidelity and Ally. 

@NSueZ, I'm saddened to learn that you have moved most of your accounts to other financial institutions. I can assure you that customer service is still a top priority for USAA. Your feedback is valuable, and I'm sharing it with the appropriate team for review. ~DC