Demands for Intrusive Information -- Is Anyone in Charge There?

So yesterday brought a letter demanding information on my checking account, to be submitted within 30 days or USAA will close my account.  The account is set up under a revocable trust, so USAA wants the documentation; no problem, you've had it on file for the past 6 years.  But now they want names, addresses, and percentages for each of the beneficiaries of the trust?  Sorry but that is none of your business.


Spent six hours now over the past two days, talking to phone reps but mostly on hold listening to that terrible "elevator music."  The customer reps in Banking claim that this information is "required by FDIC rules" but cannot cite a specific USC or CFR reference to back that up.  So they transfer me to MOET, who tells me that they have no idea either and transfers me back to Banking (except for when they disconnect the call entirely).  Caught in a circular "do-loop" here where no one seems to be able to explain where this "requirement" originated, and no one can fix it. 


Is anyone in charge at USAA these days?  Does anyone still care?  I've had this account for almost 30 years now, and have been a member for longer than that, but unless someone fixes this -- and quick -- I'm moving my accounts elsewhere!

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Well, today an email from USAA directing me to a "New Document" to review.  The document is another copy of the same thing that I sent them a week ago (minus the signature page).  So I uploaded the completed questionnaire again, and tried to send a secure message to let USAA know that it is there.  Apparently there is no longer an option to do so, it goes straight to a chatbot.  But before you can enter your data into the box, it flips to a completely new page.  This is like dealing with the old Soviet system -- you are in "Receive Mode" only and are not allowed to transmit.  Wow -- what happened to USAA?

We're truly sorry for the inconvenience this process has caused you. We will make sure your feedback is acknowledged and reviewed by the appropriate department. If you need additional support concerning the issue you are experiencing uploading the documents, please contact our Website Support Team at 877-632-3003! 

Yes, USAA is becoming very abusive in its demands for information that absolutely no other bank has ever asked for.   Leaving USAA now seems to be the best choice.

Well, after all their threats of shutting down my account and several calls from an "assistant" in the CEO office, I still have the account.  I declined to provide the intrusive information that they "required" and did not provide new copies of documents that USAA has had on-file since 2015, but did move almost all of the funds to a new account with another bank.  I do maintain a balance of less than $100 (compared to the $30-45K balance of the past), but mostly because I want to keep the USAA credit card as a "backup" in case my now-primary card (with the new bank) is compromised while travelling. 


But it must be springtime, because once again USAA has sent a letter requesting that I fill out a questionaire on my Trust, mostly asking for the same information that is available in the documents which they already have on-file.  Except this time they also want to know if I remain alive (which to the best of my knowledge, I am).  Seems that this this happens every year for the past four years or so, always in the January-March timeframe.  The new "USAA Rite of Spring?"

@Old soldier, thank you for reaching out. Accounts are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure USAA has updated and accurate records for all account holders. You may be receiving this request again as it was identified the requested information was not provided. I understand your concerns regarding the request for this information and have shared your feedback with the appropriate department for further review. - Robyn

They have a sudden blanket rule - it's happened before - only seem to have no idea how to even approach it sanely or rationally.


I'm leaving USAA banking over it - I don't find it perhaps as intrusive as you, so much as I find the approach and execution offensive beyond belief.  Again.





This is concerning to know. I will forward your concerns to the appropriate area. 

~ Lori C

@Old soldier, We appreciate your 30+ years of membership and we certainly don't want to lose your business. I will make sure to forward your concerns to the appropriate area for further review. Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns. Tricia