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I just posted on here about my "Enough is enough, I'm done." type of experience with USAA's customer service and Insurance Claims--it was removed by an unknown source minutes afterwards.


After submitting my post, I checked on it to verify that it went through. Indeed, it displayed as one of the most recent topics. I also noticed that at least three viewers had seen it as the "eye" icon had that number.


Now, the story that I wanted to share to the community is gone. You'd think that if the moderator felt the need to remove it, then a notification would have been sent to me....nope!


Forget transparency folks!


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Hi @toreshi 

Thank you for your patience. Your original post was removed due to a violation of Moderation Guidelines(Opens in new window) .


It is best practice for the moderation team to notify you, and I apologize this was not the case. In order to help with your original posting, please send a Private Message with your full name and email address/phone number associated with your profile.


Thank you


The community should know exactly what the violation was according to the Moderation Guidelines. I have reviewed what is online at -- Please share, as specific as possible, what to avoid for future postings so as to prevent myself and others from this type of frustration.

Thanks! Nice to know. 

Take your concerns to the BBB.  Google for USAA and you will see that they have lots of complaints and a very low rating. 

Try utilizing other social media to complain.  I have had nothing but problems with USAA, with any/all claims.  Try reporting then to your state's Office of Insurance Regulation.


And, when you post on here, take screen shots, c and download a copy of the page.  That's called evidence.


Good luck to you.


history of two posts todayhistory of two posts todayviewing first post removed and denied accessviewing first post removed and denied access

Hi @toreshi 

Thanks for your patience as I look into this.