Many other “heartless banks” are offering to extend car loans (and even MORTGAGES!!) for their customers for 1 to 2 months for no extra charge and no penalties because of the current worldwide crisis. I’m 7 months pregnant, my husband has lost his job due to Covid19 and USAA will not even allow us to extend our car payments to help us get back in our feet. I don’t know how they can claim to care for their clients when they can’t offer any kind of assistance to families in need in this time of crisis.


They do not I tried to call because I was affected 2 weeks ago. They would do nothing.  Now I am 4 days late nothing.  They will do nothing.  USAA does NOT care.  USAA will NOT help.  If it is NOT in the computer they do nothing.  We all served the Country USAA does not serve us they TAKE from us.  

@SierraS, This is concerning to hear. 


We understand there may be instances because of the impacts of COVID-19 that members may find themselves facing financial difficulties. We encourage members who may be impacted to reach out to discuss how we might be of assistance, including:

  •  Special payment arrangements on auto and property insurance premiums and waived late fees
  •  Special payment arrangements on life and health insurance policies
  •  Waived and/or reimbursed deductibles or co-payments for Coronavirus-related testing for members who have USAA Medicare supplement plans
  •  Special programs for consumer loans and credit cards

To learn more and follow any new updates as they become available: ~ Lori C

This is a no-brainer! Waive payments and penalties for two months and reasses at that point. I am very upset USAA is not leading on this. SHAME!

Please make it easy to request help. We can do many things without speaking to a representative. Most industries are affected by this; of course we need financial help.

USAA posted "• Special programs for consumer loans and credit cards", along with deferred payments promise for car notes. I called yesterday with a desperation searching for help financially with a special loan due to this recent virus putting my husband and I both at no income.. we have three children and our car insured with USAA is behind on a payment, and is also impossible to repair sitting in the yard for a month now. We have barely any food, any resources, and I'm struggling not to give up at this point if it weren't for my children. Our landlord is threatening us with eviction, we have extreme mold in the home and can't get magistrate to do their job enforcing laws. We needed a loan to help us move out of here, our renters policy doesn't cover mold. Great... FYI our home is uninhabitable and there is mold growing on our actual belongings. How does renters insurance not help us get out of here... or even a loan outside of our insurance to help us move. This is a nationwide emergency. Finances are dangerously low for our entire country I'm sure. 

I had renters living next to my home.  No fault of their own, they were flooded when out of town.  They were foreign nationals with limited knowledge and English. I contacted the state of Texas, whatever connection I could locate to get help for them dealing with a landlord that took no responsibility, tried to lock them out and tried to get them to sign a waiver against potential health complications.  TEXAS state department/office that was the ONLY connection available told me they DO NOT assist persons in the position you are in and the only 'real' function of that office is to monitor and insure the companies/persons performing mold remediation are licensed by Tx and not operating without proper authority to remediate mold.  I saw mold in shapes and colors I'd never imagined.  I watched for over two months while persons pulled cut up the walls, pulled out totally mold saturated insulation, threw it into an enormous open (never once covered) dumpster in the front yard 20' from where I parked my car... Nothing!  Police did nothing, landlord did nothing, Texas does nothing.  The city did not even come by after I called them to see that the work was being performed properly and by licensed individuals and that the open container sitting in the sun and rain and wind wasn't spreading mold spores.  Nothing.

I feel for your frustration.  I am so sad you are having to go through this... and now Corona 'lock down'.  Oh yes, the San Antonio Apartment Association exists only to protect and help Landlords and Rental Investors, not renters.   Maybe the city has help in some form to find a safe place for you to live.    Maybe some churches?  ***Take pictures, document in a printable format, preferably send it (even if it is to yourself as a form of proof) through the US Mail as it is considered a legal form of communication and documentation in a court of law.  Call every department in San Antonio, the county you live in, and the State of Texas and ask over and over for help or directions to get help.  Write a letter and send through US mail.  Many organizations/departments are required to respond in kind (a letter).  Often the people you talk to know nothing.  I hope this Corona pandemic is a wake up call for our great US that things must change.  The greatness of a government is measured by how it takes care of the very persons who are in greatest need.  An election is coming up.  Don't forget to vote!  BTW... I (well over 60 yr.s old) have lost my hourly job, also.  If I find out anything that may help you I'll post again.

God Bless and Help you and all you wonderful persons who sacrifice so much and receive so little.  

Lori C.  Your persons that deal with the customers over the phone do not know anything that you are saying.  All they say is they will put in a request.  Why does USAA seem to not know what is going on with Earth

I just called to change my life policy in a way that could allow me to skip some payments and then continued paying, and all they offer was to cancell my automatic payment for 60 days and then, They told me the policy will lapse(cancell) after that or ill have to pay the 3 payments at once so the policy stay active.

where is the help???????????

by the way u could do that at any time with a life insurance policy. STOP LYING TO US U ARE NOT DOING NOTHING............