I have been a USAA member for decades, I was always so pleased with my experiences, even bragging about how I was always treated. But I have also noticed a SEVERE decline in the customer service and the accuracy in services received. I recently opened a youth account for my son and requested his debit card mailed to his actual physical address instead of my mailing address. It was NOT. This is just one of many failed requests. I have requested that I not receive any physical mail or documents, unless requested by me. I bank on line for a reason and I travel ALOT. I paid to have my mail forwared to me from a family member only to discover a huge amount of solicitations from USAA....PLEASE STOP mailing offers to me!  UGH!


Dear travrn,

First, Thank you for your long time membership. I sure am sorry to hear we have let you down recently. We would really appreciate the opportunity to get more information (and fix the mailing issue) from you so that we can improve our services. If you could please send us message here with some of the details you provided above and the best way to contact you we would be grateful. We look forward to hearing form you further. Thank you.

Your experience is not unique.  Just look around the forums.  Many of the posts lament what you have noticed.  USAA cares enough to have a social media group ask you to contact them directly to resolve your issues, but not enough to correct the systemic changes that have caused the decline in service you, I, and others have observed.

This is all about growing the business and increasing the customer base - including those only very peripherally associated with the military. We should be fair - USAA is a business like any other and is driven by the bottom line. The unfortunate thing is that it was once successful and great precisely because it was NOT like any other company. The very business strategy today to grow the company will ultimately prove its limiting factor as low risk, long term members head for the exits.

These problems are not the result of growth.  USAA has been growing since it was founded.  These changes are about cutting costs.  A deliberate decision has been made to limit CSRs ability to help members in order to save money.  At the very same time, USAA's banking and investing products have become far less favorable to the member - again to save money.  It's that simple.