Debt consolidation vs settlement vs personal loan

Long story short we have decided that one of these are our best option to set us up for a more relaxed retirement in the years to come. I want to do the personal loan and pay off credit card debt with higher interest (higher monthly payments with very little at refuce principal balance) and my spouse wants to do the debt settlement. Anyone have ideas on the best options. We are still researching, and I don't like all the negative that comes with debt settlement. Anyone tried any of these before? We meet with financial advisor next week to help us decide which route or the best route to reach our goals.


Hello @Winter0120

I see you have taken a proactive approach to getting a handle on your debit. The option you choose is very important for your financial security. 

I will forward your message to the appropriate area. 

If we can assist you with discussing a personal loan and review options that will help you achieve your goals, please reach out to our Lending Team at 210-531-8722. 

I wish you the best! ~ Lori C