Was laid off from autocad design draftsman job 6 months ago, had unemployment but that has run out now. No jobs in oil & gas in my field. We started to have problems about 2 years ago when myself and motorcycle was run off the road

by a yound driver. I was in hospital for awhile with head injury, but had no savings. Found a job once my rehab was

done. That was the job I and others were laid of.  Now we are in over our heads with credit card debt, mostly because my wife got them after my accident in order to get groceries, pay bills, etc. I went ahead and took social security, but without a jjob and now unemployment, am 67, we are getting behind on everything. If we could find a way to get our credit cards down, or get a loan we would. I never did have any retirement, came home from Vietnam, got married, and had kids. In oil & gas, had gone through layoffs before, had to move, and even though my wife kept telling me to go to USAA for advice over the years, I never did. Now we are all paying for my not dealing with trying to do some type of retirement preparation, because I thought I had time, now my family if suffering. Does anyone know if I could get a loan through my credit union here in Pearland,Tx  or anyone at all, even though I am livng off our social security right now and don't have a job?? Am desperate, and my wife needs her medicines,etc.



Dear Clayton,

I am so sorry to hear about the hardships you have been facing. I recommend you reach out to our  Financial Improvement Team 1800-531-USAA(8722) extension 2-4483. This team concentrates on member assistance related to: debt management, budgeting and building/maintaining credit. Hopefully they can help you and your family with retirement preparations and financial situation. Best of luck to you Clayton.