I have roughly $7,000 in medical debt that is on my credit report and because of this my credit score is incredibly low. I also have about $14,000 in debt to my divorce attorney  and $9,000 in student loans(that has not been reported to a credit collector).


I would like to consolidate and pay off everything at once, but I'm afraid of the interest rates. I would attempt the Dave Ramsay snowball effect, but I want to get it gone. Would it be better to consolidate & eventually refinance for a lower interest rate in the future, maybe consolidate the medical debt & use the snowball effect for the rest, or should I try to practice patience & use the snowball effect for everything?




Thank you for posting in the Community. We recommend calling in for financial advice from USAA. They can talk through your situation and offer options to help you achieve your goals. Please contact us at 210-531-USAA (8722). We look forward to helping you reach your financial goals.

Good luck.  If you are working hard to clear up debts, studant loans, etc.  and you are taking on many jobs or getting more than one payroll check. beware  USAA will potentially think you are running a business thru their banking accounts and close and freeze your money.  making it your liability to make those payments while they casually send you a check in the mail. 

A local bank will do you much better, as you can go in and sit down and talk to someone with real compassion you can see, vs fake stuff on the phone.  They are holding over 60K of my money that I am waiting to see so I can pay my taxes and go back and unbounce my checks. 

Yea advice is all your going to get from USAA especially if your credit is less then perfect, I tried to consolidate two high intrest loans where the intrest rate is over 20 percent, one loan from them could have saved me about 400 a month, of course all they care about is numbers just like everyone else, they see a low credit score and just tell you sorry you were declined for a loan, its no wonder why its no wonder why online lending sites are so popular, the bank that you were with for 10 years doesnt care about saving you any money, once I find a better bank, its time for me to get rid of of USAA.  They are diffently not in the members service department.  FIND A BETTER BANK PERIOD.



We certainly don't want to lose you as a member.  We'd be happy to have our team review your information and directly reach out to you. We'll be in touch. 

Skipperjack - I appreciate your patience while this was reviewed. I attempted to contact you, however, we weren't able to reach you. I've sent a secured email to your online message center in reply. To access it, simply click your name and scroll down to Notifications. - Cathleen

Good luck. When I really needs the help USAA turned me down for a loan. This is with at that time a 17 year relationship and not one payment missed. When I needed a car loan they rate gouged me. One year later I refinanced with a credit union I had no relationship with. I saved over $100 a month. When I asked USAA if they could match the rate I was told I would have to reapply. This is with a 23 year relationship. Needless to say I took my business elsewhere, gave them my business and saved $100 a month. I recommend going to a credit union. You will have a better chance of help at a reasonable rate and better service..



Thank you for posting in the Community. USAA is committed to providing our members with financial security through a full range of competitive financial products to go along with world class customer service. We regret to hear this is not what you encountered. Your experience will be shared with our Member Feedback Teams for review.


We hope you will consider USAA for your future financial needs.

Pay your student loan most important thing. Get and itemized report from the hospital and then fine pick it with a comb and find out where they charged you stupid stuff and other things. I took an $18,000 hospital bill and paid $1200 and because of what I found was fraud and got the news on standby and had it very well detailed they doubled charged and things that were not given to me and chief financial officer and major players of the hospital didn't want it out in the open so I recorded the meeting I requested and was ready to play ball!! They jump
When they hear news.

Once you get that for get $250 to $300 open an deposit credit account with Capital One.

Get some kind of credit moving you should get a $500 credit card that will be reported to the three Major Credit Companies. It's way to start stay below 30% of the amount of any credit card.

Also If you know someone that will add you as a pre-authorized user and they have a good credit score of course and high limit card too will make your score jump in 3 months remember not hard inquiries try and get them removed if feel incorrect.