Debit/credit card identity fraud prevention idea

I think an easy way to aid in the prevention of a person using someone else's debit/credit card would be to incorporate a simple picture identification system. Similar to Disney land's passholder method, where after it is swiped/scanned your portrait pops up preventing misuse.


Great idea!!
Or, we could move to an EMV card system. No numbers, just microchips.

Great discussion. 

I do not have the answers for you here in the blog community. But, I have sent this to the department that would see your suggestion. 


Any headway on this? We are switching from BOA and this is one of the really nice features which help make our cards a little more secure...


USAA thanks you for your suggestion and I have forwarded this for consideration. 

No numbers and only a chip? So much for online shopping...

With the growing hacking problem going on in the United States and other countries, this will only be an ever increasing problem(as technology grows). Utilizing the EMV chip in credit cards/ debit cards would be a positive step to lesson some of the breaches, nevertheless, adding a pin with it only increases its security. 

Bottom line, I do think the EMV would be a positive step forward.


Has USAA put out any response in their effort to continue to safeguard its clients?