I know we have plenty in our account, and we need formula for our son! What are we supposed to do?!


We are having the same issues! I transferred money over into my sons account because he is in Washington state and he can't access any of it and has no money until his payday on Wednesday
Me too
It is appearing to work for small transactions or a previously saved transaction history but won't show anything passed me transferring money from savings to checking. It's also showing that transaction has occurred tomorrow lol.
So I'm not sure what the actual problem is.
But it seems server connection related......
Our transfer was small - he is staying at a hotel that feeds him so all he needed was some cash for incidentals to get him through. He's a big boy and can manage until Wednesday but what if the company didn't pay for the room or his food? I feel for your family – not being able to feed your son because you can't access YOUR money that's in YOUR account is absolutely outrageous!
This is flat out unacceptable to have our money inaccessible! Perhaps we should charge THEM interest for not being able to get at our money!
I agree this is unacceptable!!! Somethings can wait but others can't, they are needed ASAP!!!
Not to mention that it is embarrassing to have your card declined!

USAA is experiencing some technical issues. We are actively working the issue and will keep you updated. Again, I apologize for the angst this interruption is causing.