Why do my husband and I have different card numbers for the same account. It makes it so hard to keep track of receipts. This is the only bank we have had this issue with. Can I call and request cards with the same number? Also can I get different designs for each card? thanks!




As far as I know this is fairly standard.  We have Navy Federal and Scott Credit union also, all our debit cards have different numbers, but draw from the same joint account.   There are some benefits to this:


Having two cards with the same number would result in them being treated as one card.  If one became compromised, both would have be the deactivated and replaced.  If you have separate numbers, if one becomes compromised, then one would still be good to use until the other is replaced.  Also, your daily withdrawal limit would be limited, currently the limit is based on a per card basis. 


Let us know what you find out.

Yes as stated above and It allows the bank to research transaction based upon user not just account. This comes in handy when there is a transaction you don't remember or didn't do.

It also gives important information back to the bank to help during a fraud or case of stolen identity. The where, what and how...
Thank you both for the replays. You both have a great point that I had not considered!

Hi Browncat, I am waiting on a response to your question from our banking experts! I will update you when I get an official response!


Thank you batman23 and DSTEXAS for adding your two cents to the conversation! You both have great points! :)

This is a little repetitive of the fellow member answers above, but I wanted to post the infomration I recieved.


Since the account is joint ownership we want to ensure that the account holders have access to there accounts at all times.  If one card is lost/stolen or is compromised then the other account holder still has access to their account.


For joint account holder usaa.com provides the member with the following functionality.  The member just needs to click on the +to expand the details.  If you notice there is a section that has account holder which specifics which account holder (see card holder below) made the purchase.




I hope this helps answer your question! Thank you again for posting!!

Thanks Briana I have seen your response and checked it out. Have a great weekend! Cathy