I opened up a checking account on August 30th and it's September 15th and my husband and I have still not received our debit card. I'm annoyed that it's taking this long to get this in the mail. Anyone else having this issue? 


@848, I'm sorry to learn that you and your husband have not received your debit cards. I'll share your message with the appropriate team for review. ~DC

It might have been a good idea to ask USAA, when you first opened your account, when your debit card would be mailed.  And, in your post, you failed to mention if you had followed up with them prior to being “annoyed”, as to the status of your promised card.  Maybe, your energy could have been better directed communicating with USAA, instead of posting disgruntled public messages?  Just a suggestion.  And, no, I have never had this issue with USAA.