My debit card number was hacked this past weekend. It was my bachelorette party and I didnt have to pay for anything, so of course Im not going to be on USAA all day monitoring my account.  I looked at my account on yesterday to make sure everything posted from previous days, so I can be balanced mentally. I went into the account, all my funds were gone!!!! A person purchased 13 Intuit tax services packages. I have no clue or not interested as into what this was. I needed funds to take my fiance out for Fathers Day. I contacted USAA the fraud department the representative asked, "Well this has been going on since Friday, Why are you now just calling in?!!!!!! I couldnt believe this comment, I immediately BLEW my composure. They were so rude and didnt give a HOOT that I was left with NO MONEY!!!! I was advised it will take a few days for investigation... I have 2 kids and a car that drives me to my JOB everyday to make money.  Im unable to handle business due to my bank USAA that allowed these purchases to hit my account BACK TO BACK and they never stopped it. I was under the impression my money is insured. Guess not huh?!?! Any other bank would refund then investigate the situation to accommidate the client. This is the worst service and I will be transferring to anither bank after this is cleared up Im beyond LIVID and will continue to contact this bank until something is done.



I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I do hope that you continue to contact the member services representative in order to resolve the issue of theft. Keep in mind, while it is extremely frustrating and inconvenient (at the very least) they do have to have some time to investigate. USAA has always been good to us in a situation such as this. I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience on the phone with a representative.  If you have such an experience again I would request management and try to resolve it right then and there.