On 2016, July 29th, I went to a Bank of American ATM and was was given the incorrect amount on a withdrawal. I requested 160.00 dollars from the ATM and instead of 8 twenty dollars bills, the ATM gave me 8 one dollar bills. I immediately rushed into the Bank of American and requested to see the manager. I provided the manager with the one dollar bills the machine had produced along with the ATM receipt. The manager of the bank told me that receipt read that I received $160.00 and there is no way she could prove that I did not indeed receive the correct amount of money. She said I would have to contact my banking institution which is USAA and file a claim. That is exactly what I did. Now as a service member for almost nine years and a USAA member for the same amount of time, I expected support from my banking institution. I did not expect for them too, to question my integrity. Instead the USAA associates placed me on hold several times for extended periods of time, told me they would open a claim and do an investigation, then hung up the phone. USAA did however, provide a temporary deposit for the money I lost/was cheated out but today has threatened to take the money back. USAA emailed me stating that the investigation is complete, and that they will be reversing the funds given to me because they found no error due to documentation provided by Bank Of America. USAA provided me with the documentation and it read the ATM ID number (which I already had), the date I made the withdrawal (which I already knew), and how much the withdrawal was for ( which is what I requested but did not receive). I contacted USAA as soon as I received the email and again was treated like someone who has not been deployed to combat zones three times, two times back to back. Someone who for 8 years has put her trust and money into the hands of the people of this banking institution, I was treated like trash. Now, I find myself doing the investigation for them. I have contacted Bank of American ATM claims department, requested video footage (which I was told law enforcement only has rights to that footage) and ask Bank of America their process when some has a problem with their ATM services. USAA did not take the time to look at my bank statement to see that 2 withdrawals in the amount of $160.00 were taken out of my account. If I was stealing money, why would I withdraw twice. I was trying to help out a fellow veteran on paying his towing services l, this is the reason why I needed to withdraw the money so fast and when I was cheated out my first withdrawal, my veteran friend still needed the money so even though I just had lost $160.00 dollars, I went to another ATM to withdraw the $160.00 so that my friend could get his transportation. I joined the United States Air Force really young, I was taught very early in my career to take care of your fellow wingman and have integrity. Today, I feel like USAA contributed to attempting to take my characteristics away from me. They did not do a proper investigation, instead they left me out to defend for myself. I do not have money to throw away. I work really hard, its 98 degrees today and I have been sitting on the main gate trying to protect our installation for 12 hours. I did not deserve to have l this type of treatment and to lose that type of money. I want to say Thank you USAA, thank you for nothing. Now the investigation is back open, but it wasn't easy to get it opened. Maybe this time USAA will ask for video footage and maybe contact the bank to ask to actually speak with management on why the ATMs are being improperly filled. Maybe this time, they will look at my account and see why the same amount was withdrawn twice because that reads funny behavior to me. Maybe this time, they will actually talk to me and see why I'm so upset instead of placing me on hold and telling me "well that's not my department so I don't know the exact procedures". Maybe this time, they will get it right. P.S. TSGt Nelson




We regret to hear of your experience in disputing this ATM withdrawal. Your concerns have been escalated for review and response. We look forward to working with you to review this matter.

Labeled with 1's or 20's, it's all paper fiat money. USAA is simply another bank in the Federal Reserve's banking cartel. The don't care about you.