When you go online and search USAA daily online deposit limits, USAA shows you that you need to login and go to your bank info and it shows you under your acct number on the USAA website exactly what that limit is. What USAA doesn't tell you is that they will place a hold on any or all of that amount if they so choose. I've had insurance with USAA for 27 years, banked with them for 1, but have a daily balance of $5000-$6000. I also have a credit card linked to the account for protection with zero balance and a limit greater than $10,000. Despite all this USAA can't tell me why they will release funds in excess of $8000.00 immediately to me yet place a hold on $5,000.00 at other times. When I call to inquire I'm just told that even though my accounts are in good standing and I keep my balances up in my checking account, USAA believes that they are protecting me from an incoming check that could possibly not come through and therefore if I spend the mo eye right away I would be liable for it. Well no kidding USAA! I've been an adult for quite a few years and know how it works! Certainly don't need you to hold my hand! And what's even better is the Checks I deposit are written to me by me! My personal business account to my personal account! It's time to rethink my relationship with USAA. A 27 year relationship all for nothing..


CRNA74, I can understand your concern about deposit holds. I would like to share more with you regarding Deposit Holds. Funds deposited using the Deposit@Home service are not subject to the availability requirements of the Federal Reserve Board regulations. We must confirm the funds are available from the other account before funding into your account. For more information on availability of funds, refer to the Remote Capture User Agreement, paragraph 8. You can find the agreement by using keywords "Remote Capture User Agreement" in the search field and selecting the "USAA Letterhead" PDF link. I regret any inconvenience this matter may have caused. - Ben 

The Terms and Conditions specifically state that checks deposited via the app may be held.  Have you not read that?


Also, you fail to understand that the entire deposit and check clearance process is automated.  No human sees the item you deposited.  Given the fact no human views any part of the process, precisely how do you expect them to know you wrote the checks being deposited?  Virtual ESP, perhaps??