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My name is Neenee and I have a problem with spending more than I have. Technically having a negative balance in my account. I would have thousands of dollars in my account and within a year it will be gone. I am trying to have WILL power, but it's not easy. I need to find a way to have that WILL power and control my spending. Please assist.


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Neenee37 - Thanks for the post. You can more information on how get into better financial habits n the Advice tab of our site. I hope this helps. - Jason


I have the same problem in a sense. I am a 68-year-old retired and disabled vet with three sources of income and although I have no problems meeting my obligations and saving money, I find that at the end of the month, I don't know where all my money went. I do have savings, investments, guaranteed income, a budget, yet each month, every month, I couldn't tell you where my money went after having paid my mortgage and other bills.


I do know one problem I have, and cannot seem to control it, is that I enjoy buying things and more than not, these are things I really don't need. Examples are every time a new larger and faster computer comes out, I have to buy it. I buy a new cell phone every year even when the one I have is fairly new and working fine.  I have wasted money on a new bass guitar and a portable keyboard, but don't either that much anymore. I just like buying new things. The reason may be that growing up poor and never having anything makes me want to get stuff just because I can afford to do so.


I wonder if that is your problem as well. My suggestion is to try being satisfied with what you have and never be jealous of what others have. You would feel a lot better having a few thousand dollars in the bank than with a lot of stuff you don't really need.

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Thank you for taking the time to share your situation and thank you for your service.


I find when I am shopping online I put things in my "cart" and then make myself wait until the next day to decide to make the purchase or pass (this helps me from making some of my more impulsive purchases!)


Thanks again for sharing!

Hi Neenee @Neenee37 ,

Thank you for sharing. I hope other members take the time to share how they have had success controlling their spending. I also wanted to post some words of wisdom from Mikel Van Cleve:


“Consistently overspending makes it hard to catch up financially and makes getting ahead virtually impossible. It’s not always easy to “spend less than you earn.” Everywhere we turn – on the Internet, TV, magazines and billboards – we’re bombarded with opportunities to buy things. It can be hard to say no when the messages are so loud.


None of us is immune to the temptation to overspend. A few years ago, I calculated that my two car payments and mortgage ate up over 70% of my income. As a financial planner, I know this number should be less than 36%, but the temptations had obviously been strong, and my focus had lapsed.


I suddenly felt like I was in financial prison. Fortunately, my dad taught me early on to limit credit card use to what I could afford to pay off each month, so I didn’t have credit card debt, or things could have been worse.


What saved me? When I recognized the problem, I got serious about controlling my debt payments and created a monthly budget — the dreaded “B” word I came to love — to cut back on things that weren’t necessary. Because I limited my purchases to the most essential ones, I freed up extra cash to pay off debts faster. Now I only spend 15% of my income on debt payments.”


Good luck Neesee! Here are some additional resources you may find helpful:

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