INTEGRITY FIRST, USAA!  As an Air Force veteran and 30+ year member of USAA, I am appalled that you advertise on the Tucker Carlson show.  He is not a journalist.  He is an extreme right-wing propaganda puppet.  Now that he's shat on a high-ranking officer for speaking truth, maybe you'll realize your mistake.  I hope you pull your advertising, because I really don't want to shop around for a different financial services company. 
But I will, for the sake of integrity.

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Advertising on the Tucker Carlson show, after his derogatory comments about the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sends a message that you are not concerned about service members after all.  Is that the message you intended to send?  I understand that membership no longer encompasses ownership, but as a member I ask you to cease advertising on the Fox News Entertainment Channel.


Major, USAFR, Retired

Member for 35 years

Totally agree. The Tucker Carlson Show on Fox is not a news program but rather a conservative commentary show. Please consider removing your advertising dollars from supporting a network who would demean all branches of the military by calling the Joint Chief of Staff, General Mark Miley, a pig and stupid.