USAA customer security SUCKS.  They decline charges under for pure harrassment, just because they can.  If the past few days I tried to use my credit card for: (website for private business) for 155.76...DECLINED (purchase gifts) for 32.00.....DECLINED storage unit in Florida I been paying everymonth for 3 years)....fro 311.09.....DECLINED

StarWrightInsurance.....(liability insurance) for 350.00.....DECLINED


USAA declined all my charges, I then had to use my debit card to facilitate my transactions.  USAA Credit customer service people stated it was suspicious.  COMPLETE LIE - they have been harrassing me for years because I live in Mexico.  They said all of Mexico is supicious.  USAA is racist and the security team SUCKS.  I have pleaded with them for years to stop HARRASSING my account.  PLEASE GO TO ANOTHER BANK.  USAA harrasses people and is clearly racist.  All the above charges were the same week - I am just trying to pay basic bills (my webpage, my insurance, my florida storage unit, family gifts) and they continue to harass me.  This never end for me.  I have spent countless hours begging for USAA to please leave me alone.  I am tired.  PLEASE DO NOT JOIN USAA.  









I've been with them 30 years without a problem.......maybe you should get a bank in Mexico?

You are a complete imbecile.  Been a member with USAA 30 years and couldn't ask for better service.  Yes, they have shut my card down several times but it was due to questionable charges.  All of the others cards are doing the same due to all of the fraud on credit cards.  

Questionable charges?  So they shut down your card after (key word: after) the charges, the way it is supposed to work.  Thats great...


Now try these reallife scenarios:

#1 -  I am at a restaurant in Mexico, the bill comes and the card is declined.  USAA advises that I am in Mexico and all charges in Mexico are "suspicious".  I am now threatened to be arrested - cant pay.  I cannot leave and have to send my girlfriend in a taxi (alone, very dangerous) to get bulk cash I keep for emergencies (at home).  I called USAA and explained the dangers they are putting me in, they hang up.  I provided all my security answers and they still would not unblock my card.  After 2 hours, I am allowed to leave and not go to jail.


#2 - I am at the supermarket and purchase about 200.00 in groceries.  My credit card and debit card also shut off at the counter.  I was told by USAA that shopping at a supermarket in Mexico 4 blocks from my home is "suspicious".....card declined and I have no food.  


Please tell me your thoughts.  Lets see who the "imbecile" is now.  Hope you are man enough to apoligize.  I know you wont because you are that punk type that loves to call people names on posts.  Yes, you are just a punk.....a laughable little rodent     

It is unfortunate that you have had such an interesting experience. I can say that I have not had a problem at all with USAA. I have worked with them for over 20 years and never had a problem. They have been quick to solve any problems and answer any questions. I also had temporary holds. I was able to quickly get them removed as I was traveling and did not inform them of the change in my physical location. I would encourage you to circle back later.


USAA security is a bunch of IDIOTS.  They constantly shut-down my credit card for no reason.  The never warn me until.  I have to carry 2 credit cards because I never know when the IDIOTS at USAA will block my card.  I then have to the the IDIOTS in customer servic who are useless.  


Thinking of openeing a USAA account?  NOOOOOO STOOOOOP.  They SUCK 

I think you are overreacting.  I've been with USAA since 1970 (50 years) and the people that provide service are the best in the world.  They are always concerned about my financial safety and providing excellent service.  You need to understand that they are trying to protect you from fraud and the country you live in is famous for fraudulant activity.  Rather than ranting about the situation, why don't you try to find a way to mitigate the problem?

@EagleOne, thank YOU for 50 years of membership! We are proud to serve you. I'd like to send you a couple of USAA decals for your vehicles if you don't already have one. -Cynthia 

Thank you.

Point being made.....Customer service Cynthia is going to send stickers to a polite customer.  Cynthia, do you think we can discuss the continued harrasment I have been receiving fom USAA, always shutting off my credit card, even after I begged and pleaded with customer service not to.  You should review the tapes of me BEGGING and PLEADING with USAA to stop this harrassment.

Can you send me stickers so I can put them where they belong.....THE TRASH.

This is how customer service handles real issues, send stickers. ......a joke.