Customer service at USAA has really deteriorated

Customer service at USAA has really deteriorated And they steal your money and tell you thier hands are tied and they have no corp contact of office then they hang up on you smh so the last few months ive been dealing with this wellness center trying to pull my account (Ach) i never gave my account information out nor autharized this busniess to take money well i have been having these issues for a few months and usaa was very aware of it to where in the past the reinburst my account for the overdraft fees and told me they will stop payment and open a fraud investagation well this was weeks ago and come to find out  this week my account is dtill being billed and getting overdraft fees for something that usaa was suppose  to be working on i did everything my usaa reps told me to do long story short 80.00 was taken from my 2nd usaa account and put towards the negative account by usaa and witch made my 2nd account now negative and left me without anymoney witch the money i had in my account was for my light bill so my kids and myself wouldnt be with out power i called usaa and explained and stressted the situation to them yesterday and today delt with customer service reps for 3 hours each day and they all told me something different everytime Heres a good one one usaa rep told me well i cant reverse anything so you can keep calling but we have to wait  i told her its not my fault your rep dropped the ball and did not start the fraud thing like she said she would i did what i was told to do by my bank now my bank is saying im being held responable for over draft fees to them for someone having my account info that i did not give out the rep said yes because we cant go back and give you your  money back  i said you guys are putting me in a bad finacial sistuation not only did you take my money from a good standing account that i had there to pay one of my bills you take it and move it to my other account thats in the negative 80.00 for over draft fees that i am very unaware of and i did not auth. like why as my bank did you guys not rasie the red flag you see the account hasnt been used and something keeps charging it 3 times in one month as my bank why did you walk me threw steps to fix it and still do nothing about it and then not catch it and yesterday i called usaa while i had the wellness place on the phone and the rep said she could not go by what they say she has to wait for the dispute  this or do thier job and investgate then i call serval times complaining about this my bank says they will fix it then turns around and say they cant the money is gone thats it .ooo and the rep told me maybe i should manage my money better and i wouldnt be stressing about light money they she hung up i called back and asked for corp info a new rep said well let me pull up the account comes back on the phone and says you have to wait for the dispute to finish it can take up to 30 days so right now we cant do anything WHATTTT YOUR MY BANK IM TRUSTING YOU WITH ALL MY MONEY ARE YOU SERIOUS THEN SHE SAid WELL  WE HAVE NO CORP NUMBER OR ADDRESS TO WRITE A LETTER BUT YOU CAN WRITE A REVIEW ONLINE NOW HAVE A GREAT DAY BYE AND THEN HANGS UP SHE WOULDNT TRASFER ME TO ANOTHER PERSON NO INFO THEY ARE EXTREAMLY RUDE AND CROOKS HOW THE HECK DOSE MY BANK STEAL 80.00 FROM ME FOR OVERDRAFTS FEES THAT THEY PUT ON MY ACCOUNT BECAUSE A COMPANY THAT I CALLED MY BANK ABOUT AND HAS BEEN FIGHTING THIS FOR A WHILE WITH MY BANK LIKE THEY ARE AWARE OF THE SITUATION THEN THEY TELL ME OK WELL YOU LOST 80.00 BASICALLY likethis is crazy i have been with this bank for some time now i have friends and family that bank with usaa and honestly the security with the bank sucks the custmer service sucks you cant talk to a manager they reps are rude and mouthy like hello im trusting you with my money !!!! smh someone needs to contact me and fix this ASAP or i will take this matter to an attoney because i never had this issue with any bank i delt with and the comments from the reps are extreamly disrespectful all i want is my hard earned money back  i shouldnt be held resonable for something i have no clue of 


lisa01, this sounds like a disappointing and frustrating experience and not what we want our members to experience. We strive to be sensitive to the needs of our membership and I am sorry this has not been your experience. Please be assured we want to look into your concerns and ensure they are addressed. Your post will be sent to the appropriate team for further review. A follow will be made with you once the review is complete. Thank you for taking the time to post about your experience. - Rhonda

You can file a complaint with the CFPB. That will help you get issue looked at sooner..

Thank you for the info Mi jefe i will look into it right away