Customer nervous

USAA's customer service has deteriorated. Has this happened to anyone else with banking? Find a problem with bill pay. Sit on hold for two hours while agents promise help and then disconnect. Agents cannot close out a problem needing research unless they're on the phone with you.

I'll take my business elsewhere.
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I am thinking that it is more due to the next generation. Most places that I conduct business, which have staff under the age of 30, seem to have an issue with customer service. It seems that customers are more of an inconvenience than the reason why they (employees) are getting paid. Even in my workplace, work habits vary. We have employees from 20 to 70 years old. And, there is a vast difference in work habits. Most of the older employees come in early and stay late. The young staff seems to be always looking for a reason not to be at work. When at work, the younger staff seems to be complaining about the working conditions (it is too hot, it is too cold, the light is too bright, your desk is bigger than mine, the chair is too hard, etc.). It seems that if more time was spend working that it would be less time for complaining. Most of that generation probably grew up playing computer games. So, life is meant to play. Someone else is suppose to worry about getting food and a place to stay (Government?). Of course, that is not across the board. There are younger people that handle their business. Unfortunately, that seems to be in the minority. I do wonder how this Country will be ran in a few years, and it makes me sad. At any rate, that is my two cent.

@Dilpo, Sorry to hear you had this experience, this should never happen. I am engaging the appropriate area now to review your concerns. ~Tom