Customer care, or not…..

After recent events with a very close friend of mine, being a usaa member for around 16 years, usaa will no longer be a banking institution I’m willing to use. My checking, savings and loan will all be move to another bank. Reasons being, #1 there are no local branches in the Oklahoma City area to actually deal with someone in person. #2 my friend was trying to work from home and was caught up in a scam that offered employment with paid training and materials for work, i.e. books, computer and programs. The company send money to purchase thing needed for training and the job, my friend got what was needed but the money never actually cleared. Now the bank is after my friend for around $7000 and won’t do anything to help. Instead usaa froze her all her accounts and told her she has 45 days to repay all the money or her accounts will be closed. At this point her VA disability check has been deposited into the account and she has no access to it. Which means borrowing money from friends like me to pay bills, buy food and other necessities needed to take care of her kids. Now here’s my grunt mentality on the situation. The situation is bad and it happens to a good person. Usaa will accept money and make funds available to be used and then when it doesn’t come through they have no accountability in the situation and it’s all on you. The bank witch claims to be here to support and help veterans has thrown a combat veteran to the wind because someone else pulled a scam on her. This is highly screwed up. The bank was 3.5 times her disability check(only income) in 45 days. If you not going to support and help people don’t say you are. In turn she is moving her direct deposit to a new bank so she can access her money to take care of her family next month. I have set everything up to do the same. It would please me to see that people take notice to this f**kening and leave an institution that will lie to get business and leave you hanging if something happens that is out of your control.
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Hi Monty.  Can you send a private message with your friends name, email or phone number on file? 

Good morning @Monty0351, I appreciate you reaching out although regret to hear of the circumstances. I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area for review. If additional information is needed they may reach out to you. We appreciate your time today. -Emily