The Best Bank Ever!

I'm not one to be the most disciplined in the whole world especially with finances, but I just had the best bank experience ever. USAA in San Antonio Tx is by far the best I have ever dealt with and believe me I do not get along with banks! This bank makes me feel like a person and not a number.
I had a new loan issue and the website was not helping matters much. I posted a message about my delimmWea to customer service. USAA replied that my issue was forwarded to the CEO. CEO I did not think my issue would require someone that high up to remedy, but I am not complaining.
The next day Michell the CEO called me! Correct the CEO at USAA personally called and she did not just say sorry Ray for your online issue. CEO walked me through the steps with an underwriter to provide me close on what I was looking for. I was able to get what I requested signed sealed and delivered within 48 hours from my call to customer service.
"And you can take that to the Bank"

This has helped me in managing my money during these tough times with our economy! Never in my entire life of dealing with banks, have I been treated so Great. This bank helps their Veterans/Customers like no other Bank. One would think with such Great Customer Service there would be hidden fees or high rates! Wrong the lowest rates and the best cost on car insurance without a doubt! I love shopping rates and cost on-line, and I challenge anyone to get a better deal than USAA will give!

It is all about taking care of the customer first at USAA. Now I feel like I made the right decision in choosing a Bank, and my money is safe. I know my Identity will not be compromised with the tight ship they run. With USAA's phone app and message alerts daily, I stay up-to-date on my account. I sometimes forget to notate I wrote a check no worries USAA is my personal secretary.

Thanks again USAA for making a guy feel that some Banks still care about their Customers.

Semper Fi
Ray USMc


How much did USAA pay you to write this drivel?

LOL.  I guess if you count my savings on insurance alone!  They pay me $200 a month the difference from the lowest competitor would have cost..  :)


Semper Fi; I hope your luck changes soon my friend!



We totally agree! Our family has been banking with USAA for over 20 years and we have had consistently caring and knowledgeable assistance with all needs. We have used USAA for our checking/savings, life and car insurance, stock and IRA investments, home and car loans, credit card accounts and more. We are so grateful to have access to such a large array of financial experts! When my mother died, they even offered a free consultation with a personal financial advisor to assist with inheritance needs.

We are so pleased that our children will be able to continue working with this great company.

The French Family