First, let me say I'm extremely frustrated. I just arrived at a new duty station. My debit card was cancelled because of an unauthorized charge, so I called USAA to get a new one sent to me ASAP. I explained that since I do not have a new address, I needed them to send it to the Reception Center. The thing is they only receive mail from UPS or FEDEX. Not a problem USAA says because they send it FEDEX. <br><br>I was on the phone for an hour (1:03:00) because the Reception center's address was coming up invalid, but they explained they finally got it. That was on a Thursday. <br><br>Well I call them the following Tuesday and asked to see if was delivered. Guess what? They sent it USPS. I asked why would they do that???? The rep said there was a problem with the address. YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME YOU WERE CHANGING CARRIERS ESPECIALLY AFTER I EXPLAINED THEY ONLY RECEIVE MAIL FROM UPS AND FEDEX. <br><br>I'm scheduled to deploy in 7 days and I dont have a debit card and it will take 3 to 4 business days to get ANOTHER one but they still can't get the address right? <br><br>I even asked them to send it to a FEDEX office if they couldn't figure it out. Nope they sent to USPS. <br><br>I stay with USAA because of the customer service. The last four calls we're answered by people who either had poor attitudes or didn't know what they were doing. <br><br>If USAA is going to be like this, I'll take my 18 years and go somewhere else. I don't know if it the whole COVID thing but man the customer service has done a 180.


@Palmer Utley, Thank you for letting us know about your recent experience. This is not the service we strive to provide our members and I'm sorry for the inconvenience you've experienced. I understand that this is an important situation, and we definitely want to look into it further. I have shared your concerns with the appropriate area for further review. We appreciate your 18 year membership and the opportunity to assist you. Tricia

No kidding! Not surprised by this, unfortunately. I was travelling and logged into my account using a virtual private network (VPN use is a recommended extra layer of security, especially for banking and using a hotel - pub lic - WiFi service). For whatever reason USAA regarded this as a security breach (Seriously?) and locked down ALL banking accounts. I couldn't withdraw ANY money, use a debit card to pay for our hotel, buy gas, food, etc. It was a complete nightmare, especially since we cut up our credit cards, and USAA couldn't care less. Spent hours upon hours on the phone to no avail.


Now I'm dealing with trying to get USAA to correcy an error on our auto insurance. USAA continued to charge me for auto insurance on a car we donated to Karz4Kids. When I spoke to them on the phone they said it would TAKE 45 DAYS TO CORRECT THE ERROR. That was TWO MONTHS AGO!


What's going on this place? Do I need to spend another 3-4 hours on the phone to get this straightened out? Just fix the problem.


USAA used to care... now it seems they couldn't care less.