I've been a USAA member for nearly 50 years.  It seems to be a waste of time to use the "Reach out to Wayne" link appearing in recent communications from USAA CEO, Wayne Peackock.  Not only did I not get a response, but I didn't even get an automated "copy" or "roger that" acknowledgment that the message was recieved.


The irony is that my message, primarily complimentary, graciously included my concern for an issue in early January (still unresolved) that looks like a bellweather for deteriorating customer service, for which I requested a minimal assist. No response received adds to my growing concern about customer service decline. So sad since USAA has been great for so many good years. I'm not seeing any fire lights or reaching for the ejection handle just yet.  But in view of the fluctuating oil pressure in the right engine, I am going to begin evaluating alternative landing spots so to speak...just in case.


@ValueFirst this is concerning to hear and we would like to hear about the issue you have faced when speaking to our customer service members. Please if you would send us a private message with a copy of what you had sent online and along with any other details you would like for us to look into. - Ralph 

Below is a copy of the message sent to USAA CEO Wayne Peacock. It was also posted in the Claims Communication Center:


Dear Wayne,


Thank you for your personal message to USSA members and the efforts you are taking to protect employees and your continued support of USAA operations in this trying time.

I have been a USAA member for nearly 50 years now and have admired how USAA maintained a global reputation of unsurpassed customer service.


However, a recent problematic claim has truly shaken my confidence in the veracity of information coming from many USAA representatives and that this may portend the end of the USAA legacy in customer service excellence.  Ironically this comes from my effort to have USAA not pay for a claim that was submitted in error.  Sparing the details, the final example validating my concern is when I requested the issue be escalated,  a USAA representative responded in writing that a Claims manager would contact me.  That was on March 26th and 5 business days later, no further contact or response has been received.  While the amount involved is very small, indeed miniscule, the processes and erroneous information make me wonder:  What has happened to USAA?  Has the drive for automation driven customer service over a cliff?


I would appreciate if you would have someone in Claims management look into my case.  I will be following up this email with a letter to you that contains all the details.


Again, thank you for all of your efforts and the ongoing support of our military members,

@ValueFirst, thank you for providing these details regarding your situation. I hate to hear that you have been unable to have your concerns regarding your auto claim addressed. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist. They will be able to look into your concerns and reach out to you. Please allow 2-3 business days for this to occur. Thank you.