Crytocurrency Accounts

Will USAA be offering Crytocurrency accounts in the near future or do I have to go through Shwab?

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@Odie12, great question. At this time, we have no plans to offer Crytocurrency.  We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

That's a shame USAA doesn't seam to understand that everyone is 20 steps ahead of there way of thinking,the only way to keep our Benefits is cryptocurrency for instance the stimulus checks have now put me in jeperty of loosing my extra help, if at any point I am worth $2,000.00 I will loose extra help, my meds are 27,000.00 a month it covers those co pays. Yet I need a new refrigerator, my home has outdated wireing and well as the service box at the house, and the fuses, I need new toilets and the Mortage company keeps changing hands each time raising it to a amount $2,300.00 again more then I can be worth ' yet if I had a way to put some money a side perhaps I would stand a chance. But as of this time I going to loose everything.

@Theotterhunter, we value your feedback regarding cryptocurrency accounts and I will ensure to submit this on your behalf. Were there any additional concerns we may assist you with? - Robyn