Just a caution if you are considering CreditCheck monitoring.


A customer service rep told me "VantageScore is not currently available to members enrolled in CreditCheck Monitoring... We are hoping to make VantageScore available to members with CreditCheck Monitoring later this year. Unfortunately, I do not have a date for the rollout of VantageScore to members with CreditCheck Monitoring. This is a phased rollout with various target dates for our membership."


So, even though the VantageScore was displayed before I signed up for credit monitoring, I don't get to see it now because I'm paying Experian through USAA for credit monitoring.


This issue is that CreditCheck monitoring gets you the PLUS score, which is educational only, and sometimes not even close to the VantageScore or FICO score, which is closer to what lenders use.


Update... I got a message that my basic level CreditCheck will be upgraded for an extra $2. Seems it will be well worth that $2: includes 3 bureau monitoring and child ID monitoring. Although the montly credit report is still Experian only. Looks like they're doing away with PLUS score. Fine with me... I think it's worthless.


Here's the big one, though, I'm now seeing my VantageScore on my credit card account page, even as a CreditCheck customer.


Good work USAA.

Good to hear that this is working for you, CPT Curious!