I recently went through a divorce and am trying to find the best way to improve my credit score. Any credit cards that are good for that? What is the best/fastest way to improve your score? 


@Shannamac, If you need to build or rebuild your credit, we're working towards creating a credit card for you to help with this.  Please visit our advice tab.  We have some helpful information for this life even that could help you get back your credit. 

My husband was in a similar situation and it took a little research for me to figure out what to do. He ended up getting a secured credit card through Discover. There are several good reasons and one of them is that after a period of good history, you can make this a regular credit card, so you don't lose the history you've built with it. I highly recommend starting there. USAA was of minimal help when I was asking for information about this back in May 2019. Another reason I've been frustrated with their lack of customer service and care. 

@sadpanda99, currently our secured card is not being offered as we are working on improving this product.  Once we make this card available for new applicants, you may apply for this and begin to rebuild credit in this manner.  We will certainly have your concerns reviewed and apologize for any inconvenience. 



I was responding to someone else, and apparently was given an auto response that Does Not Apply to ME. But lets run with it...I suggested a solution for the initial poster, that does not involve USAA. And then USAA says, hey we don't have that yet. Really? This is why I suggested they try Discover.