Need advice on who to talk to about what me and my husband need to do to repair are credit in the next year wanting to eventually get a home.


Thanks for reaching out, @Mama10. I've sent a request to a colleague on our Financial Advice team to follow up with you.

I would like to speak to you about this and share with you some things we have done to now own a home. My wife and I have been a member since 1999 and done many things; however, we are not experts I can only give you resources that worked for us.

You may contact me at XXXXXX if you wish


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Why did you modify my number when I chose to provide it

@Banking, Thank you for reaching out. You are more than welcome to provide any tricks or suggestions you have here to the community board; however, for privacy and protection of all community contributors we are unable to have personal information displayed in posts. I appreciate your understanding. ~Michelle 


Is this not a place to assist a member to a member?
It is not ok to offer to have a private conversation with a fellow member who clearly asked for advice
How can I contact the moderator?

@Banking, Your readiness to assist is appreciated; however, your post must comply with our Guidelines and terms and per our  Moderation Guidelines, or the post is subject to be edited. Please see Item #8 in the guidelines which reads: 


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