Credit decisions before or after considering buying a new house (new mortgage)

We are selling our house and will have an opportunity to put 20% down on a new mortgage.  Would it be more worthwhile to consolidate debts before or after a new mortgage?  In other words, as to avoid a new credit inquiry in efforts to get a better interest rate on a new mortgage; or go ahead now to consolidate debts into a new loan with a lower single monthly payment before we seek a new mortgage?


Those are great questions, @Mort Gage. Let me get this over to the team that can answer those for you. Please note, they aren't in the office over the weekend, but will have the questions first thing Monday morning. In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend. - Cathleen

@Mort GageHello, these are all very good questions you have, and I understand your concerns. To allow these questions to be answered appropriately, please call one of our licensed loan officers at 877-243-2676 to better assist you. - DG