Does USAA offer a secure credit card


Hello @HLD and thank you for reaching out to us. We are continuing to work on enhancing the Secured Card product to better fit our members’ needs to build or re-build their credit. While we currently aren't accepting new Secured Card applications, we do hope to provide a date soon when applications will return. Thank you! ~Sarah 

Don't hold your breath.... USAA has failed its members for years on this! What a canned cop-out response!?!? First we were told "We plan to re-launch the secured cards in 2019. The date has not yet been determined." THEN we were told the "first part of 2020"! NOW we're told a sme will look into it?!?!? What a disservice to our service members! Relaunch this card now. Also please address what the fix will be to existing secured card holders about credit limit increases, graduation, and rewards NOW, you have had current holders in a frozen pattern for YEARS NOW ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I have been requesting this for 6+ YEARS!!!!!!!