Ok so I know this may not sound like a great question. But does anyone know how to get credit card intrest lowered on a usaa credit card I've had it for a year. When I signed up to get it. It was supposed to be 11.6% I just spoke to an agent a couple months ago and apparently it is 23.?% I don't know how it happened but for a 20 year old I have great credit. And I have never missed a payment. My credit score is in or close to the 700's. If anyone can help or knows a way to do it please let me know. Also any tips on how to get it paid off faster. It's at $971.00 now and I want to pay it off ASAP. Thank you


Thanks for writing. This would be a customer service related issue and we encourage you to call and discuss this with a USAA representative. Unfortunately it's not something anyone here can help you with as it is depends on too many personal factors.

Thank you!

I opened a new credit card account earlier today and they said they were sending me a card but was just wondering if there was anyway I could still pick the graphic design on my card?

Hi Wesleyfarron,

Thanks for your question! If you give us a call at 1-800-531-8722, a member service representative can delve into your account and see if the credit card has yet to be shipped! Thank you for posting!