Shame on you USAA!
On 9/20/19 inadvertently paid full amount on my cc payment. Realizing right away, called customer service 2 minutes later and talked to agent Lakerritt(sp); who could not reverse. Told me to call back on 9/30 and a reserve payment would be made back to my bank. On 9/22 amount cleared my bank. On 9/30 called and talked to Lila who said payment would be reversed and gave a case number.
Today; called again (10/7) as money still not back into bank account. Talked to Tina who told me it could not be reversed until 10 BUSINESS days after posting to bank. She then sent me to Kim and kept me on hold for 32 minutes. Kim (resolution agent) then told me that all agents gave me the wrong information and a reversal to my bank was impossible and that I had 2 options to get my money back. 1: Have a check send to me and that she would have to request this (2 days) and then it would have to be approved (7-10 more business days)( or get a cash advance from my bank (who would charge a fee).
Now, I’m out of country and have a US address to my sisters, who would have to find a way to deposit in my bank.
So; since 9/22 USAA has had my money and it will be another 12 business days before it is sent. That will be a total of 29 days!!
Kim couldn’t explain why other agents called at different times told me my payment could go back into my bank? One hour and 6 minutes later, my only option was for her to do the paperwork and send a check to US address!!
All my products since 1971 have been through USAA which includes car, homeowners, rental and property insurances.
My next step is to make a claim to FTC under the unfair banking act.
CREDIT Card customers BEWARE!!!