Credit card representative ineptitude

My dentist made me pay up front over $2500 for services that were likely to be covered by my insurance. It took 4 months for the insurance to finally pay the claim and issue me a refund to my USAA Visa. I received a credit receipt and that same day I saw it on my USAA mobile app as “pending” from the dental provider. Two days later THE CREDIT DISAPPEARED!!’ I called USAA very concerned, and the ill-informed rep told me they had “ no record” of the credit, and that the vendor must have “reversed the credit” and that I needed to file a dispute. She kept me on the phone for over a half hour to do that. I called the vendor this morning who said they did NOT cancel it, but that USAA had held it up and flagged it because of the size of the refund! I just want my money!!! I called USAA and asked why the refund wasn’t showing as “pending” and why it just disappeared???! Meanwhile charges I made are visible as pending. I was on hold over 45 minutes a second time for the supervisor to tell me “it takes time to process a refund.” I understand that… but it does not explain why, after more than 48 hours after it was issued , the Credit does NOT show up as pending????? Yet debits/charges appear as pending immediately and never disappear???? Totally ridiculous. I was told today that I didn’t need to file a dispute…. But that wasn’t my idea in the first place, but never did I get an apology for the waste of my time or for the incorrect info provided. So much for service to a 40+ year member!!!!!
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@YNRIAHNJ, I regret your frustration with the handling of your refund. I've forwarded your situation to the appropriate area for further handling. - Ben