Credit card charges show up double in My Budget

Hi Angela - Thank you for the update. That makes sense. While ideally the system should be able to recognize credit card payments debited and posted in different months as part of the same transaction, I see your point in that this is something that shouldn't happen very often, and perhaps not a high priority bug fix.


Since then, my credit card payments have been tracking correctly.




Has this bug been fixed?  I have recently started using the Beudget tool and the credit card payment posted to the credit card Nov. 30, but the debit posted on Dec. 1st. on my checking account.


It will be annoying if I have to manually deduct this from my budget each time I look at it.


Thank You.

Adol, if you are still having trouble with the budget tool please contact us at 1-877-632-3003. They are available from 6 am - midnight CT, 7 days a week. - Janay


Hi wild duck.


I am following up on this now. Hang tight!

I got a call from USAA tonight about this issue. The lady I spoke with from website customer support said that the credit card payments were showing up double in My Budget due to the conversion from Mastercard to Visa. She said it was something about the My Budget tool not being able to recognize that the charges made on the Mastercard that USAA automatically rolled onto the Visa were the same charges. 


A little background here - I had a USAA Mastercard that USAA converted to a Visa (I didn't request that, they just told me they were going to do it). Not sure if they did this for all USAA customers or not. So recently they rolled existing charges that were on my Mastercard onto the new Visa.


It doesn't sound like this is something they are going to "fix", it just sounds like it is a known issue with the credit card conversion that we will have to just deal with. I asked when I can expect My Budget to work again properly... will it just be a certain amount of time that has to pass, is it when I stop making credit card payments with my old Mastercard, what's the trigger for it to stop double counting credit card payments? She wasn't sure of the answer to that. I have stopped using the old Mastercard now, so I'm hoping the situation will recify itself soon.

Maybe this bug explains why the My Budget feature warned me that I was $17K over budget this month. (!!!)