Credit card charges show up double in My Budget

In the Track Money tab I have selected my checking, savings, and credit card accounts to track. Everything works fine there and my credit card payment is not counted as an expense (since the individual transactions have already been counted).


However, in My Budget under "Debt" it shows "Credit Card Payments" with the amount of my payment. The individual transactions are also being listed in their proper categories. This makes the My Budget feature useless. I did a search and found a few people having the same problem in May of this year. The response said that the issue had been fixed and the credit card payment should no longer show up. But it is still not working for me.


Please let me know how this can be fixed.






Thank you for sharing your feedback. I will be reaching out to our MyBudget expert for review. I will post here once I have an update. Thank you.



I checked in with our MyBudget expert and here is what he had to say:


"Everything appears to be working as expected. Track Money and My Budget each have their own steps for members to take to include and exclude accounts. On Track Money, we see your have included four accounts including your World MasterCard/Signature Visa and USAA Secure Checking. However, in My Budget, you have included eight accounts, but your World MasterCard/Signature Visa is not one of them. Because the MasterCard is not included in the budget, you won’t see any of your MasterCard transactions in your budget. Because the checking account is included in the budget, you will see the payment made from the checking account to the credit card. If you included both your checking account and MasterCard account, only the transactions on the MasterCard would be included in the budget but the payment from the checking account to the MasterCard would not be shown.


To include the MasterCard in your budget, please go to My Budget and select Edit Budget. Then select Spending Accounts I Want to Track. From there you can select the accounts you wish to include in your budget."


Let us know if you have any other questions.

I've made the change in the accounts to track in My Budget. They are now the same as the ones in Track Money, including my credit card and checking accounts. I'm still having the same issue. The credit card payment still shows up under Debt. Looking at just one category (groceries), the amount from my credit card charges in this category matches Track Money, but then they are of course going to be included in "credit card payments," making them show up double.

I will have our expert take another look and get back to you! Thank you!

I am experiencing the same issue with My Budget. This issue has been posted multiple times by different members. Most times a USAA representative promises to reply with a resolution, but never does. Can you please escalate this issue, as it makes My Budget useless if you are purchasing things with a credit card.


As a recap, the issue is that on "My Budget", payments classified as "Credit card payments" show up under "Debit", even though the individual credit card purchases are already categorized under their appropriate specific categories like "Groceries". This results in things purchased with a credit card being double counted in My Budget. The payments classified as "Credit card payments" should not show up under "Debt" in My Budget. I have confirmed that in "My Budget" I have included all of my accounts, including my credit card account, as tracked accounts. 


Here are references to other USAA members posting about the same problem:


Can you please advise/escalate?



Was there any resolution to this bug?  I'm also seeing credit card payments included in my budget which means for those of us purchasing with a credit card, expenses are counted twice.  Thanks!

I never did get any resolution to this problem. A community manager wrote that they would get back to me but they didn't. I'm disappointed that I can't use this tool because it would be really useful if it worked.

I never got any reply here on the forum, so I reported the issue over the contact and support center on Feb 13. A USAA representative replied:

"Thank you for your message regarding the way your credit card payments are displayed on We understand the importance of managing your finances with ease and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have escalated incident ticket 13448574 to our IT team for further review."


I have not heard anything further since then.


I would encourage anyone else who is having this issue to contact USAA directly and reference this incident ticket number, so that it is obvious how many customers this problem is affecting!





We checked your My Budget and found that you made a payment from your tracked USAA checking account to your untracked American Express card.  Both accounts have to be tracked for us to ignore the payment.  Since both aren’t tracked, we only show the payment from your tracked account since we aren’t showing the transactions in the credit card.  If we were to count both we would be double-counting.



The reason you are seeing the payment from your tracked checking account to your tracked credit card is because of the timing of the payment.  The credit posted to the credit card on January 31 and the debit posted to the checking account on February 1. As you can see, these are two different budget months. If both the credit and debit posted in the same month they cancel each other out (we ignore them). However, in this case, the credit and debit posted in different months, so both the January and February budgets will be affected.  We realize this is not ideal, although somewhat uncommon, so we still have this scenario on our list of enhancements for the future.


Wild Duck:

Everything appears to be working correctly. You are tracking all three of your accounts including a checking and credit card.  So your cc transactions show up in your budget and the payment from checking to credit card does not.