I have a delinquent debt of about $85.00 with AT&T because I cancelled a cellular when they did not apply a 15% discount in a timely manner for military service. They would actually owe me money had they applied the credit when I applied for it. So I cancelled the service and now it's affecting my credit score, I'm sure. How can I challenge them to delete that to repair my credit worthiness?


I would first write a letter to the company but I would first call AT&T and ask for an Address to file executive complaint. If that doesn't resolve the issue you can write each credit report company and explain the error that is being reported. The credit report company will have 30 days to investigate this item at which a decision will be mailed to you.

This process takes a little time. Good Luck !

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As someone who has also gone through a very similar situation, I agree with batman23. Getting that letter is what the credit bureaus will require for you to do in order to make any adjustments on your credit.


If you ever have any questions or need guidance, please don't hesitate to contact one of our financial advisors at: 1-800-771-9960. 


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Email xxxxxxxxxxxxx. It's a military customer service email (beats me why they they make it so hard to find). They kept charging me every month despite my deployment suspension, but fixed it right away when I emailed this address.

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