With the FICO credit score an important part of members insurance premiums & loan interest rates. I would like to know why my regular and on time premium payments are not reported to all 3 credit agencies. Also, my regular and on time auto loan payments seem to run 60 days behind the monthly credit reporting. These two items affect the raise and fall of my and all other menbers FICO score. Please advise and or correct these issues.


Hello, @CaptSacto1952. As far as the auto insurance side goes, we order the following: CLUE report, Motor Vehicle Report, Current Carrier report, and Insurance Credit Score. The Insurance Credit Score is not the same as FICO or traditional credit scores, so we would not report to those traditional credit reporting agencies for insurance purposes. Bear with me as I engage the auto lending side for further support on that aspect of your inquiry. ~ Steven

Hi @CaptSacto1952, we report to the bureau's monthly.  Please note that it is up to the actual credit reporting agency on when they update their records.  You are welcome to submit a dispute request on usaa.com to have this looked into if desired.  To do so, click on My Tools > Get USAA forms > Banking (from the left hand side) > Consumer report dispute.  Hope this is helpful.