I got a credit card at a younger age and didnt really take it seriously. Now, im trying to pay it off while also bringing my credit score up.  I know being consistent will help, but what about paying it several times throughout the month instead of once? Will that affect me in any bad way? Also, on 4/8/20 my score was 623, i made a payment on 4/14/20 and when i checked today (4/16/20) is was 552. How is  it possible that it would go down and that drastically?


@M.M, we appreciate you posting in our Member Community with your credit score questions. It would be best to present those question to a reporting agency that specializes in the scoring process. We do the reporting but can't advise on what would cause a decrease or increase. A good start would be to get an updated copy of your credit report @ www.annualcreditreport.com. They would be a good recourse for the answers to your questions. We do have lots of advice tools on usaa.com also. Feel free to visit the " advice " Tab as there are some articles that may help provide guidance on building a positive credit profile and managing debt. I hope that helps. Thank you. ~ Suzy

Depending on the credit bureau a change in your balance from what I noticed will sometimes subtract from your score even though the change is a positive change that is your balance going down I believe that the object algorithm that is monitoring the changes look for keywords in comments it makes a decisionNow if the change was substantial such as let’s say a decrease in your overall balance of say $600 then your score will improve what I’ve noticed is if the number is minor like say $150 sometimes your score may go down but then it’ll go back up in like a couple weeks and I’m strictly talking about Fico since the Phico scores are generated as they are requested

The information from your credit reports is based on your credit card statement.  Creditors do not report to the credit bureaus everytime there is a payment or debit to the account.  If you make two or three payments on the card before the statement is generated that statement's due amount will reflect those payments in a smaller due amount.

It's highly unlikely a payment made on 4/14 would be reflected on your credit score in two days.  There's something else going on.  Check your credit report.