My wife recently cancelled a joint lowes credit card that she thought she lost, and it decrease our credit score by {4} four point, because of it being reported. My advice 2U if you know


Don't ever cancel any cards unless UNO for sure that they are lost/stolen, because it will lower your credit score.

Four points probably isn't too big a deal, it will probably be back up next month. 


I've not opened any cards or had any inquiries or had more than a $45 dollar balance in the last few months, and always paid that on time and mine has fluctuated 7 or 8 points from month to month. 


I think little fluctuations like that are due to the credit card companies reporting a balance and your payment hitting soon after that so it bumps up your % utilized a bit, but when that payment hits and they report again the next month it goes back to normal.