Which agency does USAA utilize to calculate Credit Scores? I ask because my score on 2 of the popular agency sites is 8 to 9 points lower.


I'm not 100% sure, but based on previous Google searches I think that they use Equifax (which is typically the lowest scoring bureau of the 3, at least for me).


I bet that if you called USAA a representitive could tell you.

Hi CH Pat,

Here is a great article discussing the different credit scores, We currently display your Vantage Score on the right hand side of your credit card account details page.



Thank you


*Edited to refelct the correct information! Thanks for keeping me honest !! :)

Hi Briana,

I don't see my credit score anywhere on my credit card account details page. Is this only displayed for specific types of USAA credit cards? I have the USAA Preferred Cash Rewards World MasterCard.


Interesting I have a USAA credit card and notices the score recently in the right upper corner. However, mine refers to this as a Vantage Score, not a FICO Score.

Sam_PDX is correct.  At the bottom of the page it states "1  VantageScore® is a registered trademark of VantageScore Solutions, LLC"

Thanks Sam PDX you are correct! I misspoke! I have corrected my comment above!! Thank you!