Growing up, I was never really taught the importance of having a good credit score. Now that I'm older and looking to purchase a car it's pretty difficult to do so having down foolish things in the past, my credit score is horrible. How do I rebuild my credit score.


Ensure that your credit cards are not over used (anything over 50% used to me has seems to make my score go down). Have good revolving credit, meaning to have maybe a credit card or two with a little bit of charges on it and pay it off every month. That will show the credit buereaus that you are making payments on time. Also pay off any debt that has gone to collections, that is a big hit on your credit score. On top of all of that I would not have too many inquiries on your credit each year, meaning do not try to get loans and have others inquire your credit score because too many will lower your score.

Click the hyperlink posted by (Tara) and read the article. Everything posted there is correct. The only other thing I would add to it is to do an annual check of your credit report and check for discrepancies in your report. This way you can monitor your credit and make any necessary changes needed to fix the report. Also when mixing up your different types of credit, make sure that they report to all three credit bureaus. Unfortunately, you will find some companies do not report to all three.