Can someone please help me I want to know how to rebuild my credit and improve it. ? I am new to the military and when I left to go basic training my recruiter did not put my student loan on pause so that affected my credit. My account was pass due but I've fixed that and now it's current. I have been paying for it on time and I haven't missed a payment so far but I can't reverse the damage that was caused to my credit. I want to improve it and make it great again. Please help! Any advice would be great.


Thank you for your post, Jay808! That's great to see that you're working on improving your credit score. USAA does not have licensed credit advisers, so unfortunately, we are unable to provide a specific plan for you. However, while you're on our website, you can go to the Advice tab for several different articles and infographics that may be able to help you further. We also offer financial advice by calling 1-800-531-8722; our advisors can discuss your financial goals and help you plan to meet those goals. We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for your membership and service. -Meredith

Why would USAA have financial advisors for our military men and women, and not credit advisors? As long as they have money, your willing to help.

HI Jay808,

I recommend you reach out to our  Financial Improvement Team 1800-531-USAA(8722) extension 2-4483. This team concentrates on member assistance related to: debt management, budgeting and building/maintaining credit.


Best of luck on your credit rebuilding!


You should think about applying for the USAA secured credit cards. I have both of them and they are helping improve my credit score.