Credit Monitoring Switched to Experian without consent



     I did not pay attention to my credit monitoring for a while because I had bought a house and was set with no real need. I did before hand stay pretty up to date on it. However at some point they passed it to Experian and I did not consent to this. I wanted it here because it was a click away otherwise I would not use it. Did anyone else agree to this. On top of it all I can not log into the account with Experian in which I am being charged 12.99 a month for. I talked to customer service here on USAA and the guy had no clue. Passed me a site for free credit report instead.. This seems unethical to have another company charge me for something I did not agree to. 


Hello @Rando person. I am very sorry to hear you were not aware USAA no longer offered credit check monitoring. I will forward your feedback regarding this. -Colleen