I received a letter stating that my credit line has been drastically decreased by USAA on my AMEX. I have been an awesome customer for over 11 years....always paid on time and my husband is a total disabled VET so it’s very disappointing that this company took none of that into consideration before cutting my credit line to a quarter of what it use to be. Needless to say I will be paying off the card and taking my business elsewhere


@Iraq Veteran 2, We appreciate your 11 years of membership and would hate to see you leave! USAA periodically reviews credit card accounts and may automatically decrease the credit limit based on the account holder's consumer reporting agency information and/or the account's overall performance history. A credit limit decrease can also be made due to account inactivity. I am forwarding your post now to be reviewed. ~Tom

Thank you

FICO scores are infamously biased/favored to the lenders, banks, merchants, insurance companies, ad nauseum.  They are not and never were intended to be fair to consumers.  That is no secret.  Simply transferring an IRA from one institution to another can drop your FICO a lot of points.  Having only one credit card (USAA Visa) is construed by the FICO algorithms to be a detriment to your score because in Fair Isaac's view is if you were really creditworthy you would have a wallet full of cards.  This makes-no-sense thinking only makes sense to credit card issuers.    Their logic skews credit card use to consumer failure, but that is not their concern.


There is a possiblity your score may be improved after the next few reporting cycles.  Don't hold your breath. 


The bottom line here is that credit scores today are not necessarily representative of a consumer's actual, real crediworthiness or in all ways represents how one manages one's finances.  But that's what we have today.  Stick it to 'em and pay cash whenever you can.  It drives 'em crazy and if enough of us did it they would change their tune.


I have a perfect at-the-very top FICO score.  I only wish to be a perfect at-the-very top husband, but sometimes I run a deficit.