2020-12-18: USAA Errantly Reported to Experian that my C/C account was CLOSED! (It wasn't).

2020-12-21: Credit Score dropped!!!

2020-12-23: I contacted USAA; was assured the issue was their fault and they would correct.

2021-01-14: USAA initiates the first (Repeat FIRST) USPS notitification to me that the error occured.

2021-01-18: The first notification letter (dtd 1-14-21) finally got mailed.

2021-01-23: Received the letter.

2021-01-23: Applied for Credit Line Increase of $1.2K from $3.9K to $5K (against $152K annual Income).

2021-01-23: Credit Line increase declined. Reason - adverse info on Experian credit report.

2021-01-24: NFC Championship Game - USAA commercials - and my credit score is still broke!


USAA did the same thing to me on the same date. Dec. 18,2020
Now finding out the other Banks and institutions were hacked that week and that may have been the cause. USAA is not admitting to anything and took three weeks to even admit what they've did with my credit card
Talk to an attorney
I started posting about this problem several weeks ago on this platform. USAA deleted my post within an hour. USAA censoring my post so I took it to Twitter, then I took it to the VFW meeting, tomorrow I go to the American Legion meeting where were voting on our leaders. most all the members will be present. Next week will be the DAV meeting and it will be brought up again. they tried to silence me but all they did was tick me off. They don't care about what they did or that it affected our credit and don't seem to care about fixing it.

Happened to me...twice.  Latest was 22 Dec 2020.  USAA representative said I'd be contacted by a team formed to investigate and colrrect this breach.  Caused, according to two representatives, by the usaa credit card department.  But my account was a secured loan, not a credit card.  Why credit card personnel could/would impact loan department accounts makes no sense.  Anlother person here said hire an attorney.   Fifty individuals hiring attlorneys isn't the answer: fifty (or however many are impacted) hiring one bigtime attorney is a different matter.  Strange to think of suing a bank, but nothing else gets any action from USAA.