Credit Limit decreased· Excessive frequency of revolving balances · Insufficient recent payment to balance ratio

I pay more than the minimum monthly payment every month on my credit card. Never missed a payment. All of a sudden I am not credit worthy anymore? How do you just decrease my limit from $12,000 to $3,800 and leave me with $300 of available credit? I do have multiple credit accounts and pay on them, on do you punish someone for having a lot of credit? This is totally unacceptable. You’ve practically killed my utilization on this card and it is useless to me now. I am asking for my credit limit back.


@CYSink, thank you for reaching out to us regarding the change to your account. I understand you feel this change is unacceptable and we appreciate you sharing your concerns with us. USAA periodically reviews our member credit card accounts. We may automatically decrease a credit limit based on a few factors that are noted on the letter you receive from us. I regret we are unable to change the actions taken on the account. You may submit a request for an increase in six months. I apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused and will forward your feedback to our team. Thank you. - Rhonda  

This is how you treat your customers? Never late, ever...and pay more than the minimum monthly amount every month, with low utilization and I am a credit risk? And then you promise to contact me to discuss and never do? All so that USAA can appear to have better equity as a result of Lowered liabilities? I know the game...unfortunately, it’s at the expense of long time supporters like me. The company looks stable but my credit score takes a ding. If USAA was stable, it wouldn’t treat its customers like that. Making arrangements now to close my accounts and become part of the anti-USAA movement. You guys don’t serve the military- you serve yourself.

@CYSink, Sorry to hear you feel this way and that you were not reached out to again about the decrease. I am forwarding your concerns to a Bank specialist. We would never want to see you leave and would like to have the opportunity to earn back your trust. Thank you for reaching out. ~Tom

@CYSink, Thanks to USAA, your credit score will also take a hit when it's reported to the credit agencies. 👎 That's how USAA has your back like they say in their commercials. I left their CC/banking for that reason. Got a notification from Equifax that USAA had made a change to my Credit Card. When I contested it using their process, it went nowhere. The too gave me the standard--you can reapply. I said thanks but no thanks and closed everything three years ago. Worked out for me. I'm sure it worked for USAA too, because it lowered their financial exposure (to put it in their words). I took $650K+ in liquid assets and left. Not to long after that, they reduced my daughter's credit limit to three figures. She ended up moving as well. Are we upset at USAA? Not really. We found better rates and products. They're in the business of making money and are trying to protect their members assets.

For USAA CSR: No need to up channel.