If I pay more than the minimum due, why wouldn't that "extra" money go straight to the principle? It used to, now I have to call every month /payment to dictate where that money should be applied? Come on USAA, stick with customer service, it will make you more money in the long run!
You are not the only bank service members and veterans can use.




If you paid more than the minimum payment the extra would be going towards the balance with the highest APR.  This is explained in Part D, of your USAA Credit Card Agreement .    Your minimum payment is comprised of all interest you owe plus 1% of the balance.


Your statement would make more sense if you were talking about installment accounts (loans) rather than revolving credit accounts.

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Every payment you make whether it is yoru minimum due or the statment balance or any amount between goes yto the principle of the credit card balance.

Payments with USAA credit cards, follows the below:


With a minimum payment: 

  1. Fees and finance charges(interest)
  2. Protected balances(Pre-REG Z)
  3. Balances with the lowest APR

Payments in excess of the minimum are applied to the balances with the highest APR and new revolving balances.

With out a minimum payment:

  1. Fees or finance charges(interest)
  2. Protected Balances(Pre-REG Z)
  3. Balances with the highest APR and new revolving balances

Certain accounts may qualify for USAA's pay ahead, which allows you to pay your bill out up to 2 months ahead, but not all accounts qualify for this...


If you have any additional questions please feel free to call USAA during regular business hours and speak with a servicing rep.

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I appreciate your detailed answer and participation in the community!! :)



Like Jesse mentioned please feel free to give us a call here at 1-800-531-8722 and a banking specialist can make sure we have all of your preferences. Thank you!